Take advantage of the period of confinement to reflect and look for your perfect home in Ibiza.

As much as to face this reality it is so difficult for us, we need to focus on getting the positive on this situation. Taking advantage of the now in these moments of stop and calm, can be an opportunity to look forward to the future in Ibiza.

You may wonder, how and what we mean?. We focus on the real estate sector, on the island of Ibiza where our real estate agency is located.

It is not a secret, how difficult is in Ibiza to find a house that fits our ideal or possibilities, for finally to calling it a home.

It is a reality that the consequences in the world economy will come after the confinement comes to an end. Affecting each and every one of the sectors, including real estate.

Therefore we invite you to reflect on your real home project in Ibiza. Know and understand what are the important points to consider before starting looking for your house. Why take advantage of this moment.


Family needs of your home in Ibiza

If we wish that the little ones of the house never grow so as not to stop being the loving teddies bears in our home. I’m sorry to tell you that they will, they will grow and without doubt will grow sooner than you imagine will begin to demand their own space. Surely you will also appreciate it at some times, have the right place for them. It can even become a key tool for more conscious and independent growth and development in their education that will benefit them.

That is why it is very important when you start looking forward for your home in Ibiza, that you think long term if you have little children in the family or even if you don’t  have them yet, but they are within your plans.

I take the risk of giving you advice from my experience, think big now. Looking for a house in Ibiza with the right rooms number and spaces you want for your family or your future family. You will save looking for a house in Ibiza twice, two moves and it will be easier to start creating a home of your choice in the foreground, than doing it later.


Most comfortable area to live in Ibiza

During the process of finding a home in Ibiza, moments if the geographic options you had in mind do not appear soon. We tend to resort to locations that did not enter our plans. Keep in mind, all the factors.

Although if in a moment of giving up, you think that you will not get housing in the area of Ibiza that will be the best for your needs and those of your family (work area, schools, private academies, leisure area or even family and friends who save your life with your children).10km more than the radius that is convenient for you, can cause chaos in your family or your life if you have no family.

Maybe it is better to have a little more patience during the period of looking for your home in Ibiza, or to expand your budget to be closer to your geographical radius and get vital tranquility in the long term.


Your home style in Ibiza

“I would love to live in Ibiza in the country site, with space for my dog, to be able to work from home in contact with nature and have space to receive visits. But I am satisfied with a flat in the center of Ibiza, minimalist decor (which is not in my style) and a small balcony. Well, I don’t have time to keep looking. And while my dog dies between the balcony and the wished to go outside, the noise of daily activity on the street does not let me concentrate to work. And you don’t want to know when I receive visits… it seems that I live in a matchbox “.

This argument could be a good example of what happens when you have not really allowed yourself to hear what style of home in Ibiza you want for you. In accordance with your lifestyle, work, likes and needs in a more personal way.

Think about what your home style in Ibiza really is to create your perfect home and with it an important part of the life you want.

If there is something left of this confinement, it is that now is what we have, why not find your ideal home in Ibiza now?


Economic possibilities for your home in Ibiza

It might seem that economic housing, but that does not conform to the points discussed above, might be a good option to save and have a better quality of life without going drowned by renting our home in Ibiza.

But, if you think carefully, when you expand, for example, the geographical radius in a remarkable way in your area of residence. In the same way, it increases the cost of gasoline to get around, increases the stress in departure and arrival times, and I don’t tell you about the organization if you have a family with children. I assure you, that all these consequences are not worth measures in euros.

Think now about the style of housing in Ibiza, that makes you feel that yes, you have found your home. It is not true that when you feel comfortable and have managed to create an ideal environment, you do not want to go out but rather enjoy the peace and calm of the home, as well as organize meals with family and friends at home. Well, this can be translated into the reduction of extra expenses, for example in excess going out to restaurants.

Invest in calm and personal well-being for your day to day, do not save on enjoyment and happiness.

We invite you to think on what we have shared with you in this post. It is a good time to be clear on these points, and keep an eye of what might come later on. Take advantage of the break, stay ahead of the events with will arrive on the Island.

At Ibiza Services we continue to offer you help over the phone and online. You can contact us to tell us your personal story. Well now more than ever we take the necessary time for you and your housing project in Ibiza.

Do we look forward to the future together in Ibiza taking advantage of the now? We are ready to do it, are you to find your new home in Ibiza.

Author: Lorena LLorente López

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