Keys to recognize a good honest estate agent in Ibiza from my personal history


I arrived in Ibiza in 2003. I still remember the smell of sea and salt with which the port of Ibiza welcomes you.

The first challenge of this adventure, which the island prepared for us new arrivals, is the challenge of finding a home in Ibiza. I’m sure you can identify with this feeling of boarding. “The mission to finding home on the Treasure Island”.


The first intention, and the biggest mistake you can make, is to believe that through the newspaper. Now the way of searching by new technologies, internet and RRSS, without having any knowledge of the real estate sector, prices by areas, accessibility, lifestyle of the island and your own personal needs in a new unknown environment. You will find the best rental option for you.


I promise you that the best thing that could have happened to me when I arrived on the beautiful island of Ibiza was to meet a legal and honest real estate agent. Who reached out to us to resolve all our doubts and the feared situation we were facing, in an attempt to find the perfect solution. Our ignorance about the very complicated situation that has always been to find a house in Ibiza, was something new and thanks to her help we did not get strangled in the boarding mission. 


I’ll tell you how my experience was in looking for a house in Ibiza. After spending a week in a hostel in the center of the city of Ibiza.  Thinking that to find it  would be a piece of cake, doing a search job in the newspaper of direct contacts to owners, to save us the commission of a real estate agency. I tell you that without having knowledge of the areas and how the market was, I was going to make a mistake that I would have regretted for a long time. Renting one of the cheapest apartments we could find, outside San Antonio, working in Ibiza, and without our own transport, when 17 years ago the bus lines were minimal between the towns. In addition the contract had some unclear points, which we did not understand well due to our lack of knowledge about the legal aspects of real estate. 

Luckily, and of these coincidences that seem magical, while we were having a coffee before going to the appointment for the reservation of the apartment in San Antonio. We saw an advertisement, from a real estate agent who offered a flat in Playa d’En bossa that was more economical to our surprise than the one in San Antonio. Also, facilities to cover the cost of their services. From the first moment, everything was easy. There were no worries with the contract, she took care of all the management. And also as a good connoisseur of the island, as a resident, she made our life easier in a remarkable way, providing us with interesting contacts and important information about the island. I almost have to say that it gave us the peace of mind of finding a helping hand in an unknown place, which is so important on a human level, that I am still grateful for it today. 

Now I know I was lucky, not only for finding this real estate agent at the right time, but for being an honest and responsible person.

Slowly, year after year of living on the island, I was observing how the real estate sector on the island of Ibiza, is a turbulent sea that is full of pirates from the Caribbean.

Dealers who charge a month’s rent as a commission for giving you a landlord’s phone number, and if you see them again, it may be in the bathrooms at Pacha or in the supermarket queue.

During my professional career, there was a time when I took my first steps in the real estate sector in Ibiza. An acquaintance, owner of a real estate agency, offered me the possibility, given her volume of work, to help her with the management of the services she offered. 

From inside the storm, you can see the many faces of these “Pirates of the Caribbean in Ibiza”. From properties that could pass through 3 and 4 intermediaries without the owners knowledge, making the property expensive in an exorbitant way. They even tricked the owners of the property, breaking the rules they had set for legal and transparent rentals.                                               They had no knowledge of how and in what way the rent of their house in Ibiza was being negotiated.

I decided that this was not for me, at least not from this place. Which today gives me a first-person view to be able to write this article, without having to resort to external resources.

When I got to know the Ibiza Services Agency Ibiza Services Agency from the inside, I could recognize at first sight that it was the right place to carry out my function with transparency and honesty. It was not a storm. I can communicate in a clear way and without fear, the way, the style and the philosophy with which the company acts is clear to the happy clients. Agents treat their clients one on one, person to person. They make every effort to help and solve the different situations that appear in each case.

The Ibiza Services Agency has a real estate rental and sales department, a legal department, an architect, a concierge service, a construction and rehabilitation company. We will be able to help you with everything you need in the real estate business in Ibiza.

Really? And how is all this possible, unless it’s a stormy sea..

Well, I can tell you that Hervé Berej arrived on the island of Ibiza at the age of 19, and fell in love with it, with the lifestyle that connected with his own personal style, with the charming places that both residents and tourists have no doubt about.

Hervé dedicated his professional career from a very young age to the real estate sector, today he has 25 years of experience and stories helping people to find both their homes and holiday residences. But I’ll tell you more later, I’ll leave you a little photo to put a face to him, and we’ll continue with the present… 

Agentes inmobiliarios en Ibiza para alquilar casa en Ibiza

It is nothing new that social networks are the place for excellence, where products, services, people, opinions and almost all of our lives interact with the world. Both real estate companies and real estate agents are targets for criticism and unpleasant opinions. We add to this, the situation of world crisis in which we are due to the Pandemic, against which we continue to fight.In view of all this, I have a question both for you who read me, and for those who launch their criticism. Do you know what functions a professional and honest Real Estate Agent performs in Ibiza Services or in any agency that deserves to hire their services in Ibiza? You may have a slight idea, or simply believe the myth that they charge exorbitant commissions for doing nothing. Whatever you think, I will tell you what tasks and functions, so that after reading it carefully, you can get a more real opinion.


On the one hand, the agent has to attend to three important and different areas:

  • Commercial Area
  • Management Area
  • Negotiation Area

During the day the real estate agent in Ibiza will have to deal with, between calls, emails, paperwork, appointments, visits, and a long etc. that includes almost a 24h guard in case any tenant needs a plumber for an emergency or an extra key because the locksmith does not answer the phone. 


In order for you to understand and value the work done by our real estate agents in Ibiza Services, we will break down the different functions into parts. 


Management functions, bureaucracy and more paperwork


One of the most time-consuming functions is legal and administrative due to the organization of the amount of paperwork involved in property management. As well as the promotion of the properties, in real estate portals. Some of the knowledge that should be taken into account are:


  • Housing taxes.


  • Town planning laws, being clear that it is legal and that it is not.


  • Laws and obligations of owners and tenants.


  • Creation of legal sales and rental contracts.


       (Ibiza- Services has its own service of specialized lawyers)

Agentes inmobiliarios en Ibiza para alquilar casa en Ibiza








Customer Service and Commercial Real Estate Functions

A happy customer is the basis of all business. So far so good. Only to achieve this in one of the sectors with the worst reputation in the market, is a challenge, and imagine in the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea in Ibiza.

The time invested in visiting the properties, dealing with the client and the owner, takes up a significant part of a real estate agent’s time. Even at times they are prioritized over other management functions, because without visits there are no sales. Of course, like everything else, this part must be well organized from the beginning. 

For example with filters both in the properties, and with the ideal clients for that housing. Or the ideal housing for that client, if you don’t take every request very carefully and personally, it can become a waste of time for the client who normally doesn’t have much time.

  • In Ibiza Services we can be proud of the fact that international clients have been trusting in the services of the agency for 20 years in Ibiza, or more precisely they have been trusting in the honesty of Hervé Berej, and this is the best proof that they take care of the people who arrive here. 


An answer that I loved and that caught the attention of Hervé, the founder of Ibiza Services, when I asked him why his agency was different from the others. 

It was: -Because, after carrying out the work that the client asks us for, I already know an annual rent, holiday rent or purchase of a property in Ibiza. I am interested in their career, I will not forget them. I am still at their side and ready to help them in any way I can.

This detail is a point that for me identifies the agencies, and real estate agents between being lucky, or not, or finding “Pirates of the Caribbean in Ibiza”.

Now, thanks to the direct communication through the internet between the two parties, it is faster to identify who you are dealing with.

In this article I will not tell you anything, my intention is that you know a little more about the functions that a real estate agent must carry out, as you see they are many and very different. That is why his “commission”, which is nothing more than the remuneration for the work he does, is justified. 

I know at first hand that the delicate situations they face on more than one occasion are worth their compensation. We add knowledge of the sector, the market, locations, how to identify what you need and save you a lot of time, and money in the long term if you get a property that is not the right one for you, with your personal situation or with legal incidents. 


I have rented houses in Ibiza, bought a property in my place of origin and managed property sales in Ibiza, so I know what I am talking about.

For me, the work of an honest and legal real estate agent is a sound investment. What I do recommend is that you look for references from the real estate agent or agency. 

The luck we have on a small island like Ibiza, is that we almost all know each other. And if the reputation is good, you’ll have less worries. Therefore, I encourage you if you need reliable real estate services to help you in your search for both annual rentals, vacation rentals or purchase of a property in Ibiza. Contact our real estate agents in Ibiza Services. 

You have their data and photos to put them face, inside our web. You can also browse their professional profiles in RRSS.

Agentes inmobiliarios en Ibiza para alquilar casa en Ibiza






Pd1: Dear Pirates of the Caribbean in Ibiza, no matter how much storm there is at sea. There will always be an honest and willing lifeguard to help people from transparency and legality. 

Pd2: Let’s keep an eye on the spyglass, without judging the Legal Estate Agent.



Author: Lorena LLorente López

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