Property and rental management in Ibiza

As an owner of houses or apartments intended for rental, you wish to be able to count on a regular and optimum rental income. By entrusting the management of your rental asset to, you no longer have anything to worry about. offers you a full range of personalised services with clear commitments.

Why entrust the rental management of your assets to

We are the leading Ibizan company for the management of residential property. You will benefit from our full expertise and exclusive services in order to find reliable tenants, effectively administer your properties on a day-to-day basis and secure your income.
The prior signature of a management mandate is mandatory.

1. The agency will inform you of the price at which you can rent your property, and will thus find you a tenant in the shortest time possible. has developed a Comparative Market Analysis, which is a rigorous estimation method based on in-depth knowledge of the local market.

2. We operate with our file of tenant applications and set about performing a thorough analysis of the various candidates (e.g. stability, solvency), ensure that the rental fees are collected and passed on, and protect you from unpaid rental fees by helping you to recover them.

3. Your property will benefit from a complete marketing plan for quick rental. Our rental advisers take action in order to make your property visible by means of highly effective methods, particularly including: External panels on your property, advertising newspapers, partner exchange networks, websites, etc. The agency implements a wide range of communication actions intended to facilitate the promotion and rental of your property.

4. For a property owner, managing your own rented property requires you to have time and the necessary legal knowledge, and there are a number of important tasks to be done, such as:

  • Visits
  • Drafting of contracts guaranteeing the interest of each of the parties,
  • Compilation of the candidate file and verification of documents
  • Drafting of a schedule of condition
  • Disputes with the tenant and direct management of any disagreements
  • Management of unpaid rent.
  • property damage and works management …

All these tasks are real risks that you may have to face!

These tasks are performed by the rental collection and transfer manager. Your agent, a competent and recognised professional, holder of mandatory insurance and a financial guarantee, is at your service for matters of daily management.

In general, the management agency assumes an actual advisory role for the property owner in the follow-up of the rental relationship (reminders for obligatory inspections, standards of decency, work to be done, developments in legislation, etc.) also offers personalised services for the valuation of your asset: Profitability analysis, new investments, rental investment, valuation proposals, taxation, finance advice, etc.
Your property will become a source of income. will make sure that you earn money by renting out your property.

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