Real estate professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the sector and the marketplace, which allows them to carry out a property’s valuation (or earnings per rental) in an optimum manner and for a fair price. The main objective of a real estate professional is to help you sell or rent your property as soon as possible and at the very best price while avoiding endless negotiations with potential buyers or tenants.

Real estate valuation is a key step in the home-selling process. A precise, objective valuation is based on numerous parameters. A proper selling price estimation allows for the transaction to be carried out within the desired deadlines, which in turn limits negotiations with buyers.

A real estate agent will redact an advertisement that describes your property in a precise, objective manner to optimise its promotion and commercialisation. Furthermore, your agent will liaise with other collaborating agencies to increase your advertisement’s possibilities of success. Though your advert will only be published by the agent you entrusted your property to in the first place, in certain situations, other specific marketing campaigns may also be carried out.

After the marketing campaign for selling or renting your property has been launched, in addition to studying and selecting the most interesting profiles, your agent will also organise viewings. We aim to save you time and limit the risk of insufficient financing or defaults in rental payments.

The real estate agent’s role also includes informing you about your rights and obligations, especially concerning all what is directly or indirectly related to the sale, purchase or rental operation.

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